It’s amazing how much progress can be achieved when a masjid board isn’t involved. 

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After trying to conceptualize Allahs mercy in our estimates, I was hit by a wave of happiness.

It’s Saturday morning and there’s no cartoons. What is this? 

In fear of arguments, we stick to joke topics.

Luckily, Allah swt won’t judge us based on the worst of what we’ve said. Though we’re still culpable, Allah has more mercy than that.

Faltering on unsteady shores,
unaware of what He has in store
It doesn’t matter whether less or more,
Because deep down at its core
tawakkul isn’t about the rhyme,
It’s love and trust, line by line.

I always get bored in the MIST summit, but it gives me time to sit down and compare our problems with other regions strengths and think up new solutions.

I always leave excited to start regional work.

Remorse is a sign your hearts still alive. Revel in it and use it to turn yourself around.

Seize the opportunity Allah presents to you and seek the benefit in it, because if it wasn’t meant to be where you’re suppose to be, there’ll at least be a lesson there. 

We identify more with the losses that are more personal to us. It’s not complicated.