Faltering on unsteady shores,
unaware of what He has in store
It doesn’t matter whether less or more,
Because deep down at its core
tawakkul isn’t about the rhyme,
It’s love and trust, line by line.

I always get bored in the MIST summit, but it gives me time to sit down and compare our problems with other regions strengths and think up new solutions.

I always leave excited to start regional work.

Remorse is a sign your hearts still alive. Revel in it and use it to turn yourself around.

Seize the opportunity Allah presents to you and seek the benefit in it, because if it wasn’t meant to be where you’re suppose to be, there’ll at least be a lesson there. 

We identify more with the losses that are more personal to us. It’s not complicated. 

Applying our own sense of morality towards others prevents us from truly understanding what they’re going through or what brought them to the point that they’re at. 

When we haven’t seen someone for an extended period of time, we’ll always enforce upon them what our minds remember of them. We expect them to have remained constant, forgoing all the changes that may have occurred. 

You will never be understood exactly as you want to

There was a Pro Israel protest in Nashville today, so there was a counter protest formed. 

The Israeli side had some of their kids standing looking towards our side right by the barricades. There was this little jewish girl standing behind metal bars and it reminded me of a picture of someone standing in an internment camp during the Holocaust. 

I was flooded by sadness then confusion. 

Are we so destined to repeat history that victims can become murderers in mere decades? 

When traveling for the sake of Allah, our default state is one of Ibadah. Don’t ruin it with impermissible actions and words.

There are these rare moments when you’re teaching someone and they become so engrossed in what’s being said that they forget to breathe.

You can see them reaching down into the depths of their soul, grasping for Allah, trying to relate to what they’re hearing.

I love those moments, because in their grasping, I feel closer to Allah swt.