Some days feel like I’m just checking things off a list and waiting for the end.

Teach people not to let hate affect them instead of coddling them.

Giving something up for the sake of Allah swt is admitting that it isn’t yours in the first place. It means accepting that you don’t have the right to place rules or restrictions on something that belongs to Allah. If He swt shares it with you, it’s an amana, a trust. Treat it with the respect it deserves.

We worry more about what’s permissible than what’s beneficial. Don’t stick to the bare minimum.

What is the worth of your tarawih if it costs you your adab?

A major responsibility of masajid is to create a communal sense of belonging.

When you love for the sake of Allah, you take joy in anything that brings you closer to him.

Good company lightens your heart of corruption.

Allah speaks of oppression in Surah Nisa as a warning to husbands. Jealousy ruins marriages.

Tonight, I started thinking about what it’d be like if Allah swt prevented me from ever being able to make sujood again. It was devastating.

May Allah save us from that trial and hold close all that are enduring it. Ameen.

Make your sujoods while you can people and care for your legs/feet.